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The AFP Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) opens up space for the involvement of the Filipino people in defining, shaping, and ensuring our peace and security as a nation. The IPSP acknowledges that the contribution of each and every government agency, civil society organization, and even local community, is vital in ensuring peace and security.

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This year’s celebration of National Women’s Month, with the theme “Juana, Ang Tatag mo ay Tatag Natin sa Pagbangon at Pagsulong”, pays tribute to the strong and resilient women who have indispensable roles in the recovery, progress, and building of this nation. Such event was drawn from the history during the 20th century wherein women organized strike activities in respond to low wages, poor working conditions, and the lack of protective regulations.


The women of 6th Infantry (Kampilan) Division gathered and drew together on a symposium and Female Group Discussion as part of celebrating the National Women’s Month. Lady Officers, Enlisted women, Female Civilian Employees and wives of Kampilan troops from different units of 6IDparticipated in the activity that featured inspiring stories of empowered women of 6ID. Among them were: Mrs. Flora P. Cablao, wife of Division Sergeant Major; Mrs. Marilyn M. Tumaclas, Head of Civilian Employees; MSg Liberty C. Bacabac, Division Psychologist; and Cpl Riva M.Bacala, Liason NCO of 601st Brigade.They have talked about their multi-role in the community- as wives, a mothers, friends, and wage earners as well. According to the speakers, their struggles were never treated as impediments on their path to success. Instead, these stimulated them more to drive towards their goal in life and to become successful.

“As a woman, contribution starts in the family”, said by one of the speakers. They have reminded the participants to be good stewards of their families at all times and practice the value of saving. Also, they have emphasized not to overlook the obligation to God for everything is nothing without Him.

Adding color to the celebration, a Ladies’ Night was steered to showcase the talents of Kampilan ladies and to have a stress-free period from their demanding work. Kampilan ladies were in their best red casual dresses with grins on their faces. Together with their wives, male officers of this unit joined the event headed by 6ID Commander Maj General Romeo L.Gapuz.

The program commenced with a dance by the “Batikan Movers” which composed of male Privates, then followed by series of dancing and singing from the ladies of Kampilan. It was a time where all the skills of females were seen -dancing, singing as well as acting.

Subsequently, Maj General Gapuz, welcomed everyone in their most comfortable attire. He commended and thanked and all the “Juanas” of 6ID for continuously supporting the Command especially in performing their role in the normalization process of the GPH and MILF peace talks.  He called for assistance of everyone with the help of stakeholders to maintain peace and order in the wholeof Central Mindanao.

The welcome message of Maj General Gapuz was instantaneously followed by the inspiring message of the Guest of Honor and Speaker, Atty. Nectar Precious Hope G. Mamon,Presiding Judge of Tacurong City Municipal Trial Court and concurrent Acting Presiding Judge of MTC Isulan, Sultan Kudarat. In her message, Atty. Mamon said that she is a bit influenced by the soldier’s attitude- to be ready at all times and obey first before complaining since she is a soldier’s wife. The manifestation of protective laws such as the RA 9262, theAnti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Actof 2004, which helps women cope with, adjust to, defend themselves, and recover from domestic violence, recognized women as vital contributors to progress and nation building. “Women play a vital role in bringing positive changes in this country and across the globe. In fact, they are called drivers of change who untiringly devote their time and effort in various situation,” she added.

Atty. Mamon likewise cited some of the great female leaders of this country to wit: Former President Cory Aquino, Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and Ma. Lourdes A. Sereno, President Benigno Aquino’s first appointee to Supreme Court. While challenging all femalesoldiers of 6ID to continue uphold the value of self-worth and integrity, she reminded everyone to observe the bible verse Ephesians 5:22- “We are still to submit ourselves to our husband”.

The affair continued with non-stop swaying and singing. Such relaxation given to women of 6ID symbolizes the respect and admiration afforded to them. The Kampilan women’s positive spirit and resiliency over the years paved the way to the unit’s attainment of cease-fire and stability. 


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